Monday, June 19, 2006

Steve Khan - The Blue Man (Columbia, 1978)

OOP - Ripped@128 from CD

1. Daily Bulls (7:02) [Steve Khan]
2. The Blue Man (6:01) [Steve Khan]
3. Some Down Time (5:25) [Steve Khan]
4. The Little Ones (5:52) [Randy Brecker]
5. Daily Valley (4:52) [Steve Khan]
6. An Eye Over Autumn (for Folon) (8:48) [Steve Khan]

Steve Khan: electric guitar, electric 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar
Jeff Mironov: electric guitar
Don Grolnick: Fender Rhodes, ARP String Ensemble, ARP Pro Soloist, acoustic piano, organ
Bob James: Oberheim Polyphonic Synthesizer
Will Lee: electric bass
Steve Gadd: drums Ralph MacDonald: percussion, congas
Mike Mainieri: marimba Rick Marotta: timbales, cowbell
Randy Brecker: trumpet David Sanborn: alto saxophone
Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone

23564214 TheBlueMan


Blogger David said...

I love this album; I've tried all the suggestions in your various postings but have had no luck downloading this (or any other)album. Are your postings available for download in the US?

Wednesday, 03 December, 2008  

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