Monday, June 19, 2006

Maynard FERGUSON - M.F. Horn 3 (Columbia, 1973)

OOP - Ripped@128 from Quadraphonic LP (Excellent sound !)

1. Awright,Awright
2. 'Round Midnight
3. Nice'n Juicy
4. Pocahontas
5. Love Theme From "The Valachi Papers"
6. Mother Fingers
7. S.O.M.F.

Andy MacIntosh,sax; Tony Buchanan,sax; Bruce Johnstone,sax;
Maynard Ferguson,trumpet,superbone,flugel;
Alan Downey,trumpet; Mike Davis,trumpet;
Tony Mabbett,trumpet; Terry Noonan,trumpet;
Billy Graham,trombone; Adrian Drover,trombone;
Geoff Wright,trombone;
Pete Jackson,piano; Dave Markee,bass; Randy Jones,drums;
Ray Cooper,percussion;

Edited 04 Sept 2006: CD release announced @


Blogger A. said...

this one is one of my favourite of Maynard.. for fan of CTI sound it's also recommended "Conquistador" for a different label but with Bob James and Bob James as guests......

Monday, 19 June, 2006  
Blogger PS said...

what can I say ....great posts love this album ,thanks

Tuesday, 27 June, 2006  
Blogger beaug said...

Hey i cant find the download link anywhere can you tell me where it is. thanks

Wednesday, 06 January, 2010  
Blogger beaug said...

And the Link is where i dont wanna ask again

Thursday, 28 October, 2010  
Blogger Ricktpt1 said...

A couple of things: First, if this album was ever released in a quad mix, I can't find any evidence of it ANYWHERE. If it was on an 8-track, people who were around then will remember that "bootleg" 8 tracks that purported to be Quad (or anything that they thought they could use to pipe wrench you into buying it) literally littered the landscape. (Especially at Service Stations and Truck stop type places.)

Conquistador WAS released in Quadraphonic. All of these 70's records were on the Columbia label. The single ODDBALL Columbia release (under his own name) was the very first LP which was never widely distributed in the U.S.. Here it was bringing $500.00 until Wounded Bird (and later Dutton Vocalion) re-released it on CD.

If D/V wants to do us a solid, they should license the QUAD version of Conquistador and release it on Blu-Ray. IF there are Quad mixes of other recordings, that would make a great box set. But I think Conquistador was the only one. If I'm wrong, please post a photo. I'd just like to see that record with my own eyeballs....Thx.....

Friday, 16 June, 2017  

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