Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Art FARMER - Crawl Space (CTI, 1977)

Out-of-print as usual - Ripped@128 from CD

1. Crawl Space (David Grusin) - 8:52
2. Siddhartha (Fritz Pauer) - 7:36
3. Chanson (David Grusin) - 8:36
4. Petite Belle (Art Farmer) - 9:41

Art Farmer (flhrn); Jeremy Steig (f); David Grusin (key,arr); Eric Gale (g); Will Lee (el-b); Steve Gadd (d).George Mraz (b); Fritz Pauer (arr)

21290424 CrawlSpace


Blogger A. said...

Pekis, just wanted to let you know that you can inform me on this thread in case you will upload this cd cover scan.......

no rush anyway

thanks very much
for all the great posts

Friday, 07 July, 2006  
Blogger sambson said...

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Friday, 29 June, 2007  
Blogger sambson said...

Solid Art Farmer set from 1977 that's often overlooked. Falls under the general heading of 'Smooth Jazz,' but that is most applicable to the tune "Chanson."
The other three tunes are fairly funky workouts from everyone. Creed Taylor was definitely egging Van Gelder on with the vaseline. Art himself is keeping his horn as muted and lush as you'd ever want, but Will Lee's fonk-boy bass as
well as Steve Gadd's bass hits (they've got the high hat mixed stronger than the snare); make the first and last song strong. Then there's Grusin's tinkling keys
Steig's sweet flute (with breathing so heavy he's singing along) and Eric Gale's tricked out guitar (nice run on the first song, but I admit; that effect got TOO played out in the 70s and it's hard for me to stomach) all pile on more funky smoothness. "Siddhartha" is the slow groover sandwiched nicely between the first
and last songs, but I didn't find "Chanson" much to my liking; only Farmer and Steig's solos make it worthy at all, everyone else seems to be sleeping. Leaving that one out turns a 35 minute set into 26 minutes, but a sweet 26 for sure.

Friday, 29 June, 2007  

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