Monday, May 22, 2006

Urbie GREEN - The Fox (CTI, 1976)

Out-of-print - Ripped@128 from CD

1. Another Star (7:14) [Stevie Wonder]
2. Goodbye (2:57) [Gordon Jenkins]
3. Mertensia (4:58) [David Matthews]
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (3:59) [Raye, DePaul]
5. Manteca (6:35) [D.Gillespie, W.G.Fuller, L.Gonzales]
6. Foxglove Suite (7:27) [R.Wagner / arranged and adapted by David Matthews]
7. Please Send Me Someone To Love (5:31) [Percy Mayfield]

Trombone: Urbie Green
piano: Fred Gripper, Mike Abene
synthesizer: Barry Miles
vibes: Mike Mainieri
guitar: Eric Gale
harmonica: Toots Thielemans
soprano saxophone: Joe Farrell
flute: Jeremy Steig
electric bass: Anthony Jackson
acoustic bass: George Mraz
drums: Andy Newmark, Jimmy Madison
percussion: Sue Evans, Nicky Marrero
footsteps: David Matthews

21122859 TheFox


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